Kicking Goalposts is a website dedicated to football and one that is designed to highlight the games great culture and glorious past as well as its importance today and beyond.

Edited by an English Football Fan and Historian Daniel Peacock it throws a unique outlook on the beautiful game from the best teams, the best players, the best stadiums and coaches, the best matches and events to the statistical and analytical occurrences of today and what the future holds tomorrow.

Not necessarily your football bible but a website that is designed for you not to forget, a website that tells you how football was, how football is now and how football is great not just in England but around the world and this website highlights many reasons why we all love the game so much.

We have various features from classic games to our football scout, beautiful stadiums and superstar players with many more to come going forward. For a run down of our links take a look below and if you are interested in contributing to our website in any way please contact the Editor Daniel Peacock here and visit danielpeacock.net for more football views.

The Pitch

Fabulous stadiums from around the world in stunning cities across the globe, this feature highlights the iconic stadiums that have played a heavy part in football’s past and present

The Team

Iconic teams of years gone by with the best of the best remembered for the successes they produced, here we focus on those trophy winning teams that left their mark on the beautiful game

The Match

Classic matches and iconic ties between two fierce rivals in a feature that acknowledges some of the games toughest and most captivating fixtures

The Scout

Present day opinion on what the future might bring. Youthful players with talent feature in our global scouting search where we aim to find the next best footballing thing

The Gaffer

The men who instigated the tactics and formations that have changed the worlds game, the men that have created football superpowers inflicted ever-lasting memories and those who have won trophy after trophy who are regarded as the best in the business

The Best

Legends of the game and world class superstars who will always be remembered for what they have done at the highest levels possible. Concentrating on the best of the best these names will always be remembered for not just what they have achieved but how they achieved it

The Friday

Our weekly news round dished out every Friday without fail. Highlighting results, fixtures, transfers, gossip and giving you a general soccer ramble on the week gone by