The Pitch: Tottenham Stadium

Opened: 2019

Location: London

Club: Tottenham Hotspur

Country: England

Capacity: 62,062

Whilst it became a long standing joke for the length of time it took the stadium to be built, now this magnificent arena has had its finishing touches and first few games it has been widely accepted that this is one of the best sporting arenas in the world.

Not a bad word to say about a venue that cost over £1 billion this football stadium of the highest quality even rivals the best in England with facilities second to none.

The stadium built on the old site of White Hart Lane cannot be compared to the historical venue of Spurs but will no doubt create its own history instead. The South Stand has already been nicknamed ‘the wall’ and houses over 17,500 home fans creating an abundance of noise thanks to this acoustically pleasing arena.

Piece de resistance is a 4.5m tall replica cockerel that represents the mascot of Tottenham Hotspur Football Club sitting on the stadium roof above the home end.

Famous Finals:


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