The Pitch: Stade de France

Opened: 1998

Location: Paris

Club: None

Country: France

Capacity: 81,338

A modern arena built as the home of the French National team in both rugby union and football and one that enjoyed debut year acclaim not just by hosting the 1998 World Cup final but by being part of a home won competition as a Zinedine Zidane inspired France beat Brazil to lift the trophy for the first time in the countries history.

Built on the northern outskirts of Paris this fabulous sporting arena has since housed a number of international matches, cup finals, tournament games, sporting events, even concerts as it establishes itself as one of the World’s most iconic arena’s.

Although the stadium doesn’t host regular club football it is already renowned as one of the best soccer venues on the planet with some iconic moments including the 2006 European Champions League final between Barcelona and Arsenal.

With 80,000 spectators singing ‘Allez les Blues’ it is a venue already steeped in French sporting history despite being little over 20 years old.

Famous Finals:

1998: France 3-0 Brazil (World Cup Final)

2006: Barcelona 2-1 Arsenal (European Cup Final)

2016: Portugal 1-0 France (European Championships Final)

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