The Gaffer: Helenio Herrera

Teams Managed: Puteaux, Stade Francais, Real Valladolid, Atletico Madrid, Malaga, Deportivo La Coruna, Sevilla, Belenseses, Barcelona, Internazionale, Italy, Roma, Rimini

Titles: European Cup 1964, 1965 Intercontinental Cup 1964, 1965 Inter-Cities Fairs Cup 1958, 1960 Spanish League 1950, 1951, 1959, 1960 Italian League 1963, 1965, 1966 Spanish Cup (Copa del Rey) 1959, 1981 Italian Cup (Coppa Italia) 1969

Born in Argentina to Spanish parents a much travelled man Herrera started his football career in Casablanca as a central defender before moving to Paris where he played for various clubs in France who he also went on to have two international caps with.

In 1944 he became player Manager of Puteaux before re-joining Stade Francais who he played for on two previous spells earlier in his career.

After moving to Spain in 1948 he joined Real Valladolid and a year later was appointed Manager of Atletico Madrid where he enjoyed instant success with back to back La Liga championships.

For his efforts HH was a wanted man in Spain as Malaga, Deportivo La Coruna and Sevilla all hired his services for short spells before he moved to Belenseses in Portugal who he coached for a season between 1957/58.

In a desperate bid to regain the title after five absent years Barcelona took a chance on Herrera and it was one that provided instant success. Barca won back to back titles with Herrera in charge as well as the Copa del Rey and twice the Inter Cities Fairs Cup but a rocky relationship with star striker Ladislao Kubala led him to the exit door.

Herrera made the move to Italy as Internazionale would benefit from his tactical disciplined approach and within three years he would win his first of three Serie A titles followed by two European Cups and two Intercontinental Cups.

That spell at Inter saw Herrera become the top coach on the planet and one that tactically and masterfully enhanced the legend of Italian defending with an increased version of the Italian catenaccio (1-3-3-3 formation) with four man markers and a sweeper (a modern 1-3-1-4-1), Herrera was the architect of defensive counter-attack with overlapping full backs in the shape of Giacinto Facchetti and Tarcisio Burgnich a sweeper in Armando Picchi whilst Gianfranco Bedin would sit as a deep holding midfielder in front of the centre half Guarneri.

Herrera who coached Spain and Italy during this time moved to AS Roma in 1968 where he became the highest paid manager in football. He won the Copa Italia in 1969 but was sacked the season after and eventually moved back to Inter but after suffering a heart-attack took a four year break from the game before Managing Rimini in 1978 and Barcelona in 1979 where he won his final trophy in 1981 the Copa del Rey against Sporting Gijon.

Major Domestic League wins: 7

Major Domestic Cup wins: 3

Continental Cup wins: 2

Other Continental Trophy wins: 2

Intercontinental/World Club Cup wins: 2

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