The Pitch: Santiago Bernabeu

Opened: 1947

Location: Madrid

Club: Real Madrid (since 1947)

Country: Spain

Capacity: 81,044

One of the greatest and best known cauldrons in global soccer famed for being the home of Real Madrid and for housing many significant matches in world and European football.

Built in 1945 and originally named Nuevo Estadio Charmatin (due to the district which it is located) the venue had an original capacity of over 75,000 but before long was accommodating well over 120,000 on a regular basis as Real Madrid’s popularity grew vastly due to the clubs unprecedented success.

Not only housing one of the worlds most successful football clubs as well on many occasions the national team, the Bernabeu has also hosted major cup finals including the Copa del Rey, a number of European Cups, the European Championships and World Cup final.

Draped in history the steep bowl like venue is set for a modern renovation that includes a roof and bar and restaurant facilities that are designed to make matchdays a more pleasurable experience.

Famous Finals:

1957: Real Madrid 2-0 Fiorentina (European Cup Final)

1964: Spain 2-1 Soviet Union (European Championships Final)

1969: AC Milan 4-1 Ajax (European Cup Final)

1980: Nottingham Forest 1-0 Hamburg(European Cup Final)

1982: Italy 3-1 West Germany (World Cup Final)

1985: Real Madrid 0-1 Videoton (UEFA Cup Final) *2nd leg

1986: Real Madrid 5-1 Cologne (UEFA Cup Final) *1st leg

2010: Internazionale 2-0 Bayern Munich (European Cup Final)

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