The Pitch: Wembley Stadium

Opened: 1923

Location: London

Club: Tottenham Hotspur (since 2017)

Country: England

Capacity: 90,000

Originally opened in 1923 as the Empire Stadium and famous for its Twin Towers and for hosting many huge occasions including the Summer Olympics of 1948, the World Cup Final in 1966, various pop concerts and world famous acts, alternative sporting events like boxing, rugby & American Football, a number of European Cup finals and the final of the European Championships the venue today is very different to when it originated.

Since reconstruction was complete in 2007, Wembley Stadium is unrecognisable to its former self long gone are the historical original towers, replaced by an iconic 436 ft arch filling the London skyline. The stadium is fit for theatre with the best seats, the best views, an almost shopping centre like experience with a corporate edge that is like no other in football.

Holding 90,000 spectators it is one of the finest modern day venues in the world and is a symbol to the English game recognised as one of the homes of football.

Famous Finals:

1948: Sweden 3-1 Yugoslavia (Olympic Football Final)

1963: AC Milan 2-1 Benfica (European Cup Final)

1965: West Ham United 2-0 1860 Munich (European Cup Winners Cup Final)

1966: England 4-2 West Germany (World Cup Final)

1968: Manchester United 4-1 Benfica (European Cup Final)

1971: Ajax 2-1 Panathinaikos (European Cup Final)

1978: Liverpool 1-0 Club Brugge (European Cup Final)

1992: Barcelona 1-0 Sampdoria (European Cup Final)

1993: Parma 3-1 Royal Antwerp (European Cup Winners Cup Final)

1996: Germany 2-1 Czech Republic (European Championships Final)

2011: Barcelona 3-1 Manchester United (European Cup Final)

2012: Mexico 2-1 Brazil (Olympic Football Final)

2013: Bayern Munich 2-1 Borussia Dortmund (European Cup Final)

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